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Reflections on Serverless Testing

Welcome to another edition of “The Serverless Mindset”!

We have been going through a series on serverless testing. The aim is to offer helpful strategies that can both demystify and enhance your confidence while testing your serverless applications.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about the value of integration testing, as well as the importance of focusing on your function’s handler.

In this video, I offer some context and mental frameworks to help you think about these topics more deeply:

  • Why do teams often write more unit tests than integration tests

  • What’s so different about serverless applications and why “traditional testing wisdom” simply won’t work

  • Why integration testing is far more practical with serverless if you focus on your function handler

I hope these videos are useful. I would love to hear your feedback on the type of topics that you would like to see addressed in this newsletter.

The Serverless Mindset
The Serverless Mindset
Marco Troisi