Nov 17, 2022 • 29M

SAM WILLIAMS | Becoming a Confident Serverless Developer

How to go beyond the basics and confidently build large serverless applications

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Insights on serverless and modern software development in the cloud
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Welcome to the seventh episode of The Serverless Mindset podcast!

In this episode, I chat with Sam Williams, a serverless consultant and teacher based in Germany.

Show highlights

  • The two-step process for becoming a confident developer: strong foundations and building lots of applications

  • Deviating from the happy path is a great way to gain confidence and develop problem solving skills

  • Getting started with a basic serverless setup is perfectly acceptable

  • Getting to grips with serverless and the AWS ecosystem can be challenging because finding the right information is not easy

  • AWS Labs are an incredibly useful resource for learning

  • Picking one teacher is key to make learning serverless a lot easier

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Music by Anton_Vlasov from Pixabay