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Why You Can’t Afford to Be Cloud-Agnostic

How going all-in with the cloud gives you an edge

Welcome to another edition of “The Serverless Mindset”!

In today’s video, we talk about why the best approach with the cloud is to go all-in. Going all-in means letting the cloud do what it does best, while you focus on building something of real value for your customers. This is at the core of a true serverless mindset.

I hope you enjoy these videos! I would love to get your feedback on this video as well as any request for future content. Feel free to reply to this email to connect with me.

I have exciting news to share: You can now read The Serverless Mindset in the new Substack app for iPhone.

Read The Serverless Mindset in the Substack app
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The Substack app is currently available for iOS. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can join the Android waitlist here.

The Serverless Mindset
The Serverless Mindset
Marco Troisi