Oct 21, 2022 • 19M

AISHWARYA GUPTA | Evaluating IaC Tools for Cloud Development

Podcast Episode #6

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Marco Troisi
Insights on serverless and modern software development in the cloud
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My guest today is Aishwarya Gupta, a DevOps Engineer based in Bengaluru, India. Aishwarya is a member of the AWS Community Builders programme and has a lot of experience building sophisticated infrastructure using tools like Amazon’s CDK.

In this episode, Aishwarya and I discuss the various options available to developers when building infrastructure on the cloud. We then offer some perspectives as to which of those options may be best depending on the use case.


  • An overview of the main available choices for development in the Cloud

  • IaC frameworks that use scripting languages are harder to read and debug, and thus make it more difficult to scale a large project

  • The CDK makes life easier as it allows developers to write infrastructure using their favourite programming language 

  • How Infrastructure as Code democratises infrastructure and removes blockers so that a single team can own the whole product from development to deployment

  • Understanding a CDK-made project at first glance can be difficult though since the code can be structured differently depending on team/developer preferences

  • In the long term, the CDK remains one of the best choices

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