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DAX RAAD | The Ideal Serverless "Starter Pack"

DAX RAAD | The Ideal Serverless "Starter Pack"

Podcast episode #4

My guest today is Dax Raad, a software engineer based in New York City. Dax has rapidly become an influential voice in the serverless community due to, amongst other things, his work with the Serverless Stack framework (SST).

In this episode, Dax and I discuss the areas that every serverless team, big or small, should ensure are covered before embarking on a new serverless project.


  • It’s useful to have a “full kit”: a toolset that we can benefit from at every stage of our serverless journey

  • The components that need to be in our starter pack:

    • Infrastructure as Code and a build system: the CDK solves both issues

    • A cloud environment for each developer

    • Code organisation: Domain-Driven Design can be particularly helpful

    • A system for Configuration and Secrets: SSM is a good place to start, but the SST team is working on a better solution for that 😉

    • Context/Scope management (e.g. in a multi-tenant application): SST is planning on releasing something to make this easier too

  • The value of using clean/hexagonal architecture within Lambda for easier refactoring

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