Dec 22, 2022 • 30M

JONES ZACHARIAH NOEL | Building Event-Driven Applications on AWS

Choreography vs Orchestration, Testing, and Useful Patterns

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Marco Troisi
Jones Zachariah Noel N
Insights on serverless and modern software development in the cloud
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Welcome to the eighth episode of The Serverless Mindset podcast!

In this episode, I chat with Jones Zachariah Noel, an AWS Serverless Hero and DevRel at Freshworks in Bengaluru, India.

Show highlights

  • Best options for choreography vs orchestration within the AWS ecosystem

  • Why direct integrations are often to be preferred over custom code, even though there are challenges (such as testing)

  • Why Jones recommends using SAM (Amazon’s Serverless Application Model) for building distributed serverless applications

  • A bunch of useful testing techniques for event-driven applications

  • How to prevent your Step Functions setup from turning into a monolithic system

  • Rules of thumb for when to prefer orchestration vs choreography

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Music by Anton_Vlasov from Pixabay