Apr 26, 2022 • 17M

PAUL SWAIL | How To Navigate Serverless Best Practices

Podcast episode #1

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Marco Troisi
Insights on serverless and modern software development in the cloud
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I am excited to launch a brand new podcast! In each episode, I will be chatting with someone who has had an impact on me and the broader serverless community. The very first episode could not have had a better guest than Paul Swail. I hope you will consider subscribing to his newsletter where he shares invaluable serverless wisdom from years of hard-earned experience.

Welcome to the very first episode of The Serverless Mindset podcast!

In this episode, I chat with Paul Swail, an independent serverless consultant based out of Belfast, in the UK, on how to best navigate serverless best practices.

Show highlights

  • Best practices should be thought of as rules of thumb: they should be followed but it’s ok not to follow them if you have a good reason not to

  • Context is key: who, what, and why was a best practice created? This is crucial, since it may not apply in your specific context

  • Serverless is a radically different paradigm, so we are justified in not taking previously accepted best practices for granted



Music by Anton_Vlasov from Pixabay